About Green Valley Ministries

GVM has been established in the year 1994 with a mission to serve the poor and needy and down trodden communities of the society irrespective of their caste and religion. Taking the Gospel to the millions with a special emphasis on Tribal's, who live on the hills and at the valleys . GVM is a non profit, Non- Governmental voluntary social service organization of community, persons, volunteers, civilians and citizens.

GVM is registered at Government registering authorities but it is managed, operated and worked by its members and associated persons under and as per the rules, regulations and laws of the Government of that country but independently from government control. GVM is not a part and directly controlled and monitored by Government but works according to the policies of the Government more specifically for development and welfare of society, areas and communities as Governments use to work.

GVM works to improve the policies, enhances the work pattern, improves and implements the welfare and development of human welfare. GVM is not a part of Political party but works as organized civil society, to advocate, promote and monitor the political working based on development of society with the human right issues, education, health, environment and other welfare and development causes, aims, objects and issues.

GVM operates, organizes, manages, supports and runs programmes, activities, projects and works at local, regional, national and international level according to the requirements and operational capacity of the Organization.

As a regular volunteering part persons who wish to serve this society can give and share their time with GVM, working with different programmes. In case of natural calamity like flood or casualties like accident many persons contribute their time to improve the conditions of affected area and situation. We encourage many volunteers to work or support for GVMWA.

Our Team