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THE GREEN VALLEY MINISTRIES is an Evangelical and Social Service Non-profitable Voluntary Organization operating from INDIA, AndhraPradesh, Visakhapatnam.
This Spiritual and Charitable Organization is registered under the Societies Registration Act with a broad set of aims and objectives.

“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature”  - Mark 16:15

Be a Partner in God’s Mission AND Be a True Disciple of Christ by helping Poor & Needy. - Mark 16:15

         Our MINISTRIES          |     our FUTURE PROJECTS

  • gvm magazine

    ◊   Our Ministries :

    I really THANK GOD for this MAGAZINE MINISTRY. The below are the few Ministries we are handling. And, we need to handle many more.. Please Pray for us.

    » MAGAZINE Ministry
    » LETTER Ministry
    » TELEPHONE Ministry
    » ONLINE Ministry
    » GOSPEL Ministry
    » OUTREACH Ministry
    » CHURCH Ministry
    » CHILD Education
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  • forthcoming projects

    ◊  Forthcoming Projects

    Socio-Economic Development Projects
    » Help to Widows
    » Feeding The Orphans
    » Feeding The Poor
    » Help for Physically Handicapped
    » Education to All
    » Water Sheds
    » Medical Camps
    » HIV/AIDS Awareness

    Evangelical Projects
    » Street Preaching
    » Out Reach Among Hills and Valleys
    » Film Ministry
    » Audio Ministry
    » Vision
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  • gvmchurchland Ministry Needs / Requirements

    There are many needs for our Ministry. The Primary Need among all of them is "the LAND FOR THE CHURCH". The amount with us was not sufficient to buy the LAND for the CHURCH. So, there is a need of SPONSORS. Please Pray for Us.

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  • sponsor SPONSOR A CHILD

    The Funds we are getting for CHILD EDUCATION is sufficient to Sponsor for 20 Children only. Still more than 73 are there to be Educated. Please SPONSOR according to Gods leading in your heart.

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  • prayer request Contact for any PRAYER REQUESTS

    We 24x7 everytime alert to Listen to your Prayer Requests and Pray for you. Any type of problem you are facing just share with us your tears, we will Pray for you in the Presence of the Lord. Our God who hears our Prayers, definitely answers our Prayers. SO, BE BOLD AND BE STRONG.

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